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Darth Vader: An Enduring Allure

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#Game of Thrones: Why am not excited for Jon’s return.


Warning: Post Contains Spoilers from original Book content and Fan Speculation.

Now with the customary spoiler warning out of the way, I felt a rather mixed emotion after yeterday’s episode. I am a die hard GoT fan and as a fan was rooting for Jon Snow’s return but not so soon! not in episode 2 ! not so soon!

If you beleive the R+L=J theory and that looks even more probable with the introduction of the gorgeous and graceful Lyanna Stark in the latest episode and the trailer showing what appears to be Ser Arthur Dayne, the theory seems all but confirmed. Yes, that ties up very well with ‘The Song of Ice and Fire’ (Ice being Lyanna and Rhaegar personifying Fire) but wait what about the Azor Ahai prophecy, Lightbringer and Arya plot. Lets look into these three in detail.

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Game of Thrones Season 6: Why it will be the bloodiest season ever

First of all I would like to apologise as I am writing this after having watched the first episode of the now cult Brutal Violent Fantasy Political Thriller that people have people have come to love so much, but then again Weise and Benioff have the knack of playing with with our hope and wishes like a sadistic cat with a mouse. Strong words these but like the millions of others, I was also hoping for HBO to give some sort of hints to Jon Snow’s resurrection. Sadly that was not meant to be, not in this episode atleast.

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