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I Wish

Its Friday Night

Am here on the couch

Shifting through the channels

With a glass in hand

And nothing on my mind

I Look beside

There’s no-one here

I Wish    I Wish    I Wish

Coz baby when I think about you

You used to make my day

Your smile was the reason I lived

Like the morning breeze

You swayed me away

I Wish    I Wish    I Wish

If I can go back in time

I would freeze the frame

And make a wish

So that moment would last an eternity

With you by my side

Baby we could live out our life

For we would be together again

How I Wish    I Wish    I Wish

I wish you could be here

Here Tonight

Your spark is what I need

Make me feel alive

So baby won’t you hear me

I Wish you would hear me

I Wish    I Wish    I Wish



Blogger, Travel enthusiast, Now trying to find meaning of life in a Bschool

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