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Choices Choices Choices

I was greatly inspired to write this after reading the book “The Paradox of Choice” by Barry Schwartz. It’s really a wonderful book, one of those that really hits hard and resonates with you.

So what is choice, A choice is a choice only when all the alternate scenarios promise you approximately the same return. Now some of these might have tradeoff’s in terms of long or short-term benefits or the effort involved to achieve these said benefits but when evaluating these do you really take all the time to evaluate each merit and demerit carefully. If Yes, Good Job ! but did you also factor in what led to you having all those choices and if there was just the only option, would be better or worse off.

Lets say I give you the option of 1000 Dollars or 800 pounds or 15 grams of gold or 60 shares of google or 2 Kg of Silver in exchange for your iphone. Which one would you choose. How many times have you stood in the kitchen wondering what to make today or flipped through songs on your ipod or channels on your television wondering what to watch. The point am trying to make isn’t that multiple choices are a bad thing, what I really want to make you understand is why should you waste your time on choices. Isn’t it better if you knew you can simply pay for that phone in cash without wondering which card will get me the maximum loyalty points. Isn’t it much more sensible if you can utilise that time and energy you saved by not making mundane choices into something which really gives you an output. Wouldn’t things be more organised if you exactly knew what you want, when you want and where you want.

After all how many idols do you look up to ever seemed indecisive to you. Sometimes it’s not the choices that you make. Sometimes you need to know that there is no choice, there is only one way. You only have to see it.



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