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It’s You

My second composition. Please feel free to comment. I would love to hear from you.


You know you’re special

Deep down you’ve felt it

It’s not an illusion

You’ve always believed it


Yes it’s You


You watch the world go by

You watch the days pass by

You watch people, You watch them everyday

Chasing their own goals

Own selfish little goals

Those that don’t make any sense

And you start to think…should you too

But that’s not just you

Yes… that’s not just you


You felt you were different

You tried to make them see

Why it felt so hard

Why did they make it seem so

You will nevr know

You may try, You may fail, You may win

But is that you

Yes, Is that you


One day a time will come

They’ll think what they have done

It didn’t have to be this way

You were right to show them the way

You tried, but they didn’t listen

It’s too late to go back again

They now…Call for you

Would You

Now would you now

Show that it’s you

Yes…It’s time to show

It’s You



Blogger, Travel enthusiast, Now trying to find meaning of life in a Bschool

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