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The Power of Silence

Silence the absence, the void, the epiphany of oblivion. It has an eery charm to it almost to the boundary of the psychedelic but no it’s not, for its one of the most powerful expression, the expression of nothingness.

Various behavioural theories try to classify the personalities based on certain traits one exhibits either consciously or unconsciously. The psyche is something they say is engraved at the early stage of life and it reflects each and activity you do or say. The action part is the much more visible component due to the fact that it is visible, measurable but how and against what? I am not going to detail on how to measure it but how to leverage it. How do you leverage nothingness.

Time is a great leveler. The law of averages catches up with everyone. Humans by nature are inquisitive, we are often impulsive. We assign too much value to time. The urge to counter an argument without proper analysing or building a strategy is a fallacy most of you will agree to as well. What purpose does it serve other than possibly squandering a good position and taking the conversation to an altogether different path. See, us humans are a social breed. We crave for acceptance, it’s a subconscious security need that we constantly search for. So when the next time someone argues with you, just stay still and let him/her speak. The need for acceptance means that the person in front wants to seek an agreement, for you to support his/her viewpoint and in the absence of an affirmative reaction will try to further justify his/her position and it now presents an opportunity. The window of opening now presented is a chance for you to wait it out a bit further, let the person either concede ground or give you further opening. Take a deep breath, organise yourself, get that strategy in your head and then in the words of Frank Underwood “And the butchery begins”.




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