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Dreaming of the Rain

Its been a really really long time since I have composed a song I hope you all will like it.

Am sitting here by the window
Waiting for the sun to grow
With Memories and flashbacks on my mind.

Am dreaming, dreaming of the rain.
Am sitting through the pain.
Days go by
And am thinking…
Thinking about you
Dreaming again.
Dreaming of the rain.

Dreaming of the days… we had
Dreaming of the time you said
Dreaming of what I wouldn’t give
To be with you… tonight.

The nights seem longer
The days feel harsher
And the wait seem longer and longer
Because am dreaming, dreaming of the rain
Am sitting through the pain
Counting the days
When I can be with you again.

And now here I am again
Dreaming of the rain.

Memories are all I have now
Even when I am feeling low
Seeing when I close my eyes
I hope one day you will understand why
I wasn’t high I was low.

Staring at the bottom of the glass
I wonder what it could have been
If only…
Only if I can see you again.
Until then I can close my eyes
And Dream, Dream of the rain…



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