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#Game of Thrones: Why am not excited for Jon’s return.


Warning: Post Contains Spoilers from original Book content and Fan Speculation.

Now with the customary spoiler warning out of the way, I felt a rather mixed emotion after yeterday’s episode. I am a die hard GoT fan and as a fan was rooting for Jon Snow’s return but not so soon! not in episode 2 ! not so soon!

If you beleive the R+L=J theory and that looks even more probable with the introduction of the gorgeous and graceful Lyanna Stark in the latest episode and the trailer showing what appears to be Ser Arthur Dayne, the theory seems all but confirmed. Yes, that ties up very well with ‘The Song of Ice and Fire’ (Ice being Lyanna and Rhaegar personifying Fire) but wait what about the Azor Ahai prophecy, Lightbringer and Arya plot. Lets look into these three in detail.

Azor Ahai: Melisandre has constantly been in the search for Azor Ahai, the legenday Dawn Age hero prophecised to be born again and defeat the White Walkers (Again !) but the books throw a bit more detail about Azor Ahai. In the books and in the show, Melisandre had herself claimed that the prince who was chosen(read Azor Ahai AKA Jon Snow) would be born among salt and smoke and would awake the dragons(seemed more like reference to Dany than Jon) but yet the prophecy talks about prince so if John has to carry the mantle of Azor Ahai Reborn, where is the salt assuming that Castle Black can be counted as stone but Dragons??? Unless Jon awakes some Ice Dragons (yes there’s even theories about Ice Dragons ), HBO seems to have literally murdered the Azor Ahai prophecy.

Lightbringer: TV viewers might be more familiar with the sword Lightbringer. Yes that flaming sword of Stannis. Well No! Lightbringer was the sword of Azor Ahai and as the prophecy goes, Azor as a last sacrifice killed his own wife with his sword and thus Lightbringer was truely born. With Ygritte dead a couple of seasons ago and Jon still using Longclaw(Admittedly it’s a fine Valyrian Blade and killed a walker but by no means a fear inducing weapon and certainly no flaming sword). Another Prophecy that could have been beautifully fufilled begged and begged and now seems stomped.

Arya: Just how do Wiese and Benioff decide to give Arya a closure. The books refer to her wolf dreams with Nymeria so that looks like how GRRM will tie the plot but the show has kept it very vague. Arya story line is way behind the books and as per one theory Arya will eventually make it back to Westoros and will be tasked to kill Jon. Seeing how Arya is going to get her sight back soon, Jon now in the land of living and we being in season 6 out of 8, it would be a shame to see Arya’s story progressing without any real meaning for the next season or so. Well it’s not too late to explore the Nymeria plot but that’s wishful thinking really.

It’s the first season that the show doesn’t have a source material to conform to so Wiese and Benioff have to take the lore forward, ensure all the plot angles are covered and retain the magic that has fascinated the world over for the last 6 years. It’s a tall ask and it would be a great traversity if for the lack of imagination or the allure of commercialisation, the magic suffers. Hollywood has ruined legacies before (RIP Star Wars I didn’t count the 90s). I just Hope Game of Thrones bucks this and HBO proves me wrong.





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