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Path to Happiness

What is life? What is joy? Quite often in all our busy schedules we seldom pause to think where am I ? What have I done? What have I achieved ? The answers we all know consciously but do we really ? Some might be happy with where they are, some might want to strive for more and some might be just… satisfied. However only a very select few will ask who am I? Who am I is not a question that we might have ready answers to. We might have some notions about ourselves but are they really true. So what is it that truely defines you? What are you searching for? What makes you happy?

What do I wake up every morning for


 We are so used to seeing the sun setting and then rising the next day that we often take this for granted. We plan days, weeks, months even years ahead for events. This is hope that drive us to plan so. Hope that we would be there to see it through, hope that the perfect wedding we planned will be just like the stuff we dreamt about, hope that life would turn out just like we had planned. Hope is a powerful emotion, it gives us strength in our darkest hours. It gives us a reason to live, love and feel alive. And every morning that we wake up should be filled with hope. The next time that you wake up grab a cup of coffee, sit by the window, take a deep breath and just look outside for five minutes. Do not think. Do not move. Just try to feel the world around you. We all have five senses but rarely do we realise them to the fullest  There is so much beauty in the world all that is needed is for you to start taking it in and once you do, you will come to realise that there is so much more that life has to offer.

What do I do with the rest of the day

Rest of the day

24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86400 seconds. This is something every person on the planet has common. What’s unique to everyone is what they do with it. I am sure that everyone at the lowest point of their lives have stared at the abyss and thought what is the meaning of my life. Well for that, we have to first understand what life is. Life isn’t that perfect holiday snap on the beaches of Seychelles or that awesome pic with friends at the reunion but it’s about the small moments, the pain, the effort, the compromise, the excitement, the boarding pass you collect at the gate, the warm smile of the hotel receptionist, the bear hugs of your once best friends, the really last pint which you knew is more that you can handle. Life is about these and so much more. So don’t fret about thinking what to do with your day. Don’t have plans. Put a blank canvas up everyday and you will be amazed at the artwork at the end of the day.

Who are my friends, whom can I count on.

Friends - Season 6

I have always believed that one inherits his soul from his family and his body from his friends Your physical appearance and behaviour is what is visible to the world and it is this behaviour that is shaped by a person’s interactions with the world around him. We all learn so much growing up and continue to learn till our deathbed. Each of these interactions, each of these learnings shape our personality and make us who we are. It’s the company that we keep around us, that select group of people that we like to talk to, hang around with, those close group of friends that shapes us. So I should choose my friends wisely? Well not really, a wise man learns even from the fool, the fool only learns from himself. Friendship should not be based on greed or an ulterior motive. A true friend does not ask who or why or when, is there to scold you when you do something wrong, is there to help you find a way, gives you a hand to stand up but makes sure you stand up on your own and if you fall is still there to pick you up and asks you to try again. Don’t run up to them, don’t thank them but cherish them.

Have I known true love


There is no better feeling in the world than being madly in love with someone and no better life lesson than breaking up with your first love. I am sure everyone remembers their first love. It is the first emotional connect that one experiences outside of his or her immediate family. And if its reciprocated, we seem to be at top of the world, the grasses look greener, the flowers seem to bloom brighter, the world seems so much better. However as all good things must come to an end, most of us tend to come to a stage where we have to part ways. Some take it better than others. That’s Life we say. Wrong! Life isn’t about this. Life is about learning to love everything, Love your Job and you will excel at it. Love your parents and it will put a smile on their faces. Love your Friends and they will love you back, Love your dog and he will wait the entire day near the door for you to return home. Love everything as you had once loved and that euphoric feeling will come back. Love and Happiness go step in step. Life is too short to brood over what can be and what could have been. Learn to Love, to truely love as you once did.

Did I make myself better today, Did I make the world better today


I would really struggle to answer if someone were to ask me to explain the meaning of life. Infact  this is a question I have been struggling to find answers to even to this day but what I have found is the path to find this. Life is about making those small changes in oneself, those little impacts in others, those little smiles, those little expressions of gratitude, those little hugs, those little tears of joy, those little achievements, those little moments that add up and make Life. Life is about going that extra mile when you can’t walk anymore, Life isn’t about wasting time trying to make life meaningful but is about making that effort to make a meaningful life.

Hopefully I have kept you motivated enough to reach till this part of the blog. In all the sections above, what I really wanted to tell you is that there are no magic steps to happiness. Happiness is not something that needs an effort but is about changing one’s perspective towards life and the world in general. Its the small things that you do everyday and be grateful about that leads to happiness. Happiness is just that…Its life and how you choose to live it.



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